The Menu

The Menu
Wine and drinks


Cheese and cold cuts
Black foot ham 12,00/18,00
Black foot ham and local goat cheese 11,00/17,00
Cheese board, 2 kinds 7,00/10,00

Home smoked

Smoked potatoes with “Scandi” Ceviche, apple and dill 8,50
Salmon “Rillete”  on rye toast with avocado and pickled shallots  8,50
Beef fillet carpaccio with home smoked goat cheese and pickled vegetables 10,00

Starters – Salads
Spinach croquettes with goat cheese and “Aji amarillo” sauce  6,50/ 11,00
Autumn salad with cabbage, mandarines, chickpeas, quince and goat cheese 7,50/ 11,50 (vegetarian)
Avocado sorbet with pickled cherry tomatoes, cucumber and mint 8,50 (vegan)
Squid salad with peanuts, coconut, cilantro, cabbage and courgette 9,00
Red Snapper Sashimi with “Salicornia”, spelt kernels, turnips and panko with tomato 9,00
Local tuna ribs in asian bq sauce 14,00

Main courses

Portobello mushrooms filled with quinoa, fresh mint and a pepper coconut sauce (vegano) 12,00
Tomato risotto with Parmesan cheese and optional prawns10,50 –   15,50 (vegetarian)
Sirloin fillet of Iberian black foot pork with cabbage “Escalivada” with peppers, apple and shitake 17,00
Bacalao cod fillet with butternut squash, basil and mango 17,50
Duck breast with orange, tomato, tarragon and leeks 17,00
Local (Patría) beef
Entrecote, ca. 300g. Chimichurri, garlic butter and vegetables 24,00
Locl Rib eye beef approx. 700g, with roasted spring onion, chimichurri and garlic butter 36,00

Sorbets and ice creams, ask the waitress for flavors please 4,00
Danish rice pudding with cherry sauce, almonds and sherry 6,00
Chocolate tart, no gluten 4,00
Lime tart with condensed milk, kumquats ad curry 6,00
Chocolate tart, no gluten with ice cream or sorbet 6,50

Homemade bread  (per person) 1,50
– with gourmet virgin olive oil “Masia el Altet ”, 1 bowl 1,00

Pasta with tomato and Parmesan cheese     7,00
Pork or fish with potatoes   8,00

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Refresh yourself with our own home-made lemonades PatríaPura

Strawberry lemonade, (250ml)    2,25
Mango lemonade, (250ml)   2,25
Hibiscus lemonade, (250ml)  2,25
Ginger lemonade, (250ml) 2,25
Naranjada , Orange lemonade (250ml) 2.25