The Menu

The Menu
Wine and drinks


Cheese and cold cuts
Iberian black foot ham 12,00/ 18,00
Iberian black foot ham
& 2 cheeses 11,00/ 17,00
Cheese board, 2 kinds 7,00/10,00

Starters – Salads
Goat cheese “Croquetas” with  pink aioli (vegetarian) 8,00/11,00
Salad of roasted butternut squash, fennel and hummus (vegan) 8,00
Green salad with vegetables and lemon /soy dressing (vegan) 8,50
Salad of mango, peppers, pistachio and goat cheese (vegetarian) 8,50
Falafel with dragonfruit (from Patría) salad and yogurt sauce (vegetarian) 8.50
Vitelli Tonnato variation: Smoked beef picaña, tuna, capers and egg  10,00
Red Snapper in dill, potatoes, mustard and bacon 9,00
Ceviche of local tuna with passion fruit, “aji amarilla” and cilantro 14.00



Main courses
Butternut squash caramelized in sweet soy, with bell peppers, cilantro and courgettes (vegan) 12,00
Bacalao cod fillet with kale, sweet potatoes, and grapes 17,00
“Upper loin” pork roast (low and slow). Fennel, orange, olives 16,00

Local beef sirloin steak (300g) with roasted root vegetables and pepper/chipotle marmelade 24,00
Local beef Ribeye steak(
500gr) slow roasted in wood oven with roasted root vegetables and pepper/chipotle marmelade  29,00

Ice creams and sorbets (ask the
waitress for flavours) 4,00
Pears in PX Sherry with blue cheese foam, walnuts and fresh thyme  6.00
Vanilla Sundae with chocolate and caramelised popcorn 5,50
Danish rice pudding with vanilla, almonds and blueberries 6.50
Chocolate cake, no gluten 4,00
Chocolate cake, no gluten with
ice-cream or sorbet 6,50

Home-made bread (per person) 1,50
-with gourmet  olive oil “Masia el Altet ”, 1 bowl 1,00

Pasta with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese   7,00
Pan fried b
eef  or bacalao fillet with potatoes   8,00

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Refresh yourself with our own home-made lemonades PatríaPura

Strawberry lemonade, (250ml)   2,25€
Naranjada, Orange lemonade (250ml) 2.25€
Ginger lemonade, (250ml) 2,25€
Mango lemonade, (250ml)   2,25€
Hibiscus lemonade, (250ml)  2,25€
Or try our brand new Elderflower cordial, (250ml) 2.25€


Bring home a great memory from Patría


The best virgin extra olive oil we know! From Alicante.

1 bottle 0.5L 14.00€







Our very own brand of organic lemonades.    

Invented, produced and bottled by us,
in our small production plant in
Vejer de la Frontera.

1.80€ per bottle. Buy 11 get one free.





Natural handmade soaps made by the chef himself (Thomas)

1 soap 5.00€                     
3 soaps 12.50€
5 soaps 20.00€





During the pandemic lock down I discovered some interesting you tube videos about how to make artisan handmade soap. It seemed really interesting and fun, and actually a lot like cooking.

So as a way to stay active I ordered different ingredients and tools online and started making my own wooden molds.
And what do you know, the first soap was a success, it worked, I was thrilled! It wasn´t so difficult actually. Very much like making a dessert, you have to stick religiously to the recipe and the proportions.

Since then I have made quite a lot of very different batches. I try to keep them simple, rustic and great smelling, (although a few too experimental batches have turned out weird…that´s the thing about learning….)

I only use pure and natural ingredients, like in the restaurant, and I use essential oils for their properties and fragrance..If you are the kind of person that likes handmade stuff, maybe you would like to purchase one or more for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

With bubbly regards Thomas – Chefsoap